It was a particularly exciting day for Simba participants on Saturday 26th May 2018, as we explored the inhabitants of Melbourne zoo. Together with our fantastic group of participants, we awed and gasped at the amusement of the furry, the cute, and terrifying animals of Melbourne Zoo.

Sightseeing, exploring, drinks, mingling, but most importantly, laughter. For many of our participants, this was the first time in a long time since that they were able to enjoy an outing which involved making new friends and engage with others outside of a home setting. The echoes of joy still linger in random chats between the group.

Our trip to Melbourne Zoo was all exciting, educational and liberating for our participants. Yet this excursion was one of many activities we have lined up. Far beyond the smiles that seemed to never fade, there are a number of undeniable advantages to interactive and engaging field trips.

The emotional and psychological boost was one that was expected but frankly, surpassed our wildest expectations. Our participants, same as us, are giddy and eager for the next trip. One which is shaping up to be even more exciting than the last.

We have an awesome timeline of events and activities to cater to you and your loved ones as a form of healing by excitement.

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